Shaft Of Light

Piercing The Darkness,
Setting The Captives Free!
Joseph James, Janiece Elaine,
& Daniel Hartmann

The Lord is continuing to build His Kingdom everyday. Each day He is adding His people to His body. He places each of us strategically where we need to be so that we can fulfill the destiny and purpose as to why He placed us where He did upon this earth and at this particular time in history. It is a global thing and as we all find our own places, we are able to join with others and complete His work for our generation. Psalm 139 goes deeper into this. It is His plan and He alone knows how it will all unfold. He places dreams within our hearts so that we can catch a glimpse of what He has planned for us. It is up to us to search it out and ask Him to help us discover it. It is wise to listen to His voice and live our life in joy as we journey down the path He has for us.

Our Focus!

Our main focus and directive is to share the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and to help others find their place in His Kingdom. His directive to us is simply, “Tell My People I Love Them!”. You can read more about this in Janiece's biography, Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life. Through traveling, ministry, music & speaking as well as through various media tools on our websites and in print, we are doing this as He leads. That which we have received and have personally experienced, we are passing on.

Our Passion!

Both Janiece & I have experienced many miracles in our lives before we were married and since. Through a very personal relationship with the Lord, we share out of the goodness of what He has done in and for us. The Lord is a person and not some far away being. From our storehouses of spiritual treasures we pour out refreshment, encouragement, revelation and truth to those who desire it. Our passion is helping others to find Him, to discover their own hidden talents, gifts and purpose and then to help them open the doors to those paths they were destined to walk. It's time to see His Kingdom come in our generation.

Be A Part

Although the Lord has placed many tools within our hands to help bring in provision for the work of the ministry without asking for donations and offerings, we welcome any monetary help from those who would like to be a part. Donate here! We also invite your prayers for doors to open for us to minister to those who need His love. Our goal is to provide housing, food and training to help others get back on their feet on a global basis in the building of new communities.

Through our books, music, artwork and other gifts, we can provide a gift to the giver and also jointly help someone else who is in need. We welcome prayer partners as well as workers and volunteers to help in various projects. At the very least, please pass this info on to others and the links to our web sites to help us spread the word. CONTACT US for more info and/or visit our Beneficial Zone Online Store to purchase items for yourself and/or to give as a gift to someone in need. Together we can change our generation through His love and pass the baton on to the next. Be blessed in your journey as you get ever closer to the Lord.

Joseph James

New Music CDs by Joseph James

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Joseph has written over 200 songs and now has 34 of them available on the FACE TO FACE, IDENTITY, LIVING ON THE EDGE, & THIS MOMENT CDs. Listen to the music clips, buy and download the singles in mp3, buy the albums from our BZ cart, and listen to a selection on our YouTube Channel. More info and clips here and a small selection of complete songs on our YouTube Channel here.

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December 25 - January 7, 2014
Orlando, Florida
Helping to Change Our Generation!
Daniel Hartmann AMTC SHINE Winter 2014

On Christmas morning we flew to Orlando, Florida to help our son, Daniel, forge a way into mainstream Hollywood movies. Through AMTC SHINE, he hopes to become a role model in the Arts and Entertainment industry. If you would like to see more about his vision and/or help him in his journey in acting, please visit his website: Daniel Hartmann's Official Website.

Janiece’s Miraculous Story

A Movie In The Making!
More Info on Janiece’s Story – Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life

Every once in a while, a story comes along that is too awesome to believe, yet too well documented by so many witnesses to disprove. A story of the miraculous that shatters the voice of the unbelieving and one that compels the reader to go beyond their own opinions and beliefs and dare to enter the realm of life changing miracles!

Into the depths of the grave, destiny reaches out. Through all of the trauma… Read More…

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